Do you know what it feels like to encounter boundaries, while searching for change? The vague feeling of not being ok? Or maybe a feeling of discontent and emptiness becomes more obvious to you? You would actually like to live a satisfying, happy and meaningful life. You long for a harmonious relationship, friends with whom you can share and a successful work life. Although you strive for these goals you are unable to find inner balance and fulfilment to achieve them.

A separation, difficulties with other people or in your job, sickness or death of a close relative may trigger a feeling of inadequacy. But it also can sneak its way into your life and influence it in a more subtle way. Almost every human being encounters a point where we come to the realisation that our life cannot continue like this.

These moments or deeply painful phases in our lives are often very difficult. Whether we understand them or are able to solve them doesn't always depend on our willingness or our ability to comprehend the situation.

Often we are driven by our unconscious reactions, fears and insecurities. Sometimes our lack of trust or our negative experiences from the past propels us into certain actions and reactions. These actions and reactions are sometimes difficult for us to recognize without professional support.

This is where the therapeutic process starts in order to support you to
•  come into contact with yourself
•  recognize your own potential
•  choose a healing process and obtain direction in your life
•  develop a solid and reliable basis within yourself
•  regain trust in yourself and in your decisions

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