Trauma is an overwhelming experience. We can be traumatized by an accident, a fall, an operation, a severe sickness, abuse, sexual and verbal violence or by witnessing others being traumatized. It can also be triggered by the sudden loss of a close relative, by natural disasters, political persecution and war.

When our soul is wounded on such a deep level it can cut us off from our connection to ourselves, to others, to nature and to our spiritual sources. The consequences of this kind of trauma can be very powerful. The energy which our body generates in this state of alarm often is not completely dissolved after the incident is over. Our bodies hold on to the memory, and keep reacting to a threat from the past, which no longer exists.

The traumatized person often shows confusing or threatening symptoms. These symptoms are difficult to understand and can range from anything such as hyper arousal, hyperactivity, outbursts of anger or detachment, rigidity, fear, panic attacks, depression, sleeping disorders, chronic pain.

The body-oriented approach of Somatic Experiencing clarifies that trauma is not only stored mentally but in the physical body as well. This gentle method activates the wisdom of the body and its capacity to self regulate. This happens through a step by step discharge and release of the nervous system from its excess energy. A feeling of trust is restored. We relearn the ability to relax and regain a confident approach towards our lives.
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